How can visualisation fool people?

We can not ignore how the sight affects our decision-making process and using it as a cross-check mechanism for all other senses. However, what if this powerful way of communicating the message, can be the most dangerous input providers for our decision-making process?

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How do visuals make our lives easier and complicated at the same time?

Source: Wikipedia (
Source: Wikipedia (
Some of the Tallest Structure in the world. (Source: Wikipedia)

In the map, the representation is: ‘‘The UK is as big as Madagascar, while Sweden is almost 2 times bigger than Madagascar.’’

Country Size Comparison based on Madagascar (Source)
A relation between the Mercator projection and the actual relative size of each country.

And some people know how to use these visual defects of our brains very well. I am not saying that they hide the information, but visuals can hide the information.

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